TOPCAR company is engaged in tuning of premium-segment cars since 2004. The company presents its novelties at the largest foreign exhibitions such as the Essen Motor Show in Germany, the Top Marques in Monaco, the Geneva International Auto Show, which contributes to the tuning of the TOPCAR atelier world-wide and to compete in the global market.

Tuning studio TOPCAR offers its own tuning programs for tuning Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Panamera, Bentley Continental GT, MINI Cooper.

TOPCAR is a self-sufficient tuning studio, which from the very beginning was focused on creating its own projects, without regard for other manufacturers. The main policy of the company is to create unique luxury cars, which, at the same time, it is convenient and comfortable to drive every day. A constant dialogue, allows you to accurately formulate the needs of the client and create a car that would meet his delicate taste.

The company has an extensive production base. Five-axis machines, digital technologies and sophisticated software are used in design and production. Details of future aerodynamic body kits are manufactured using expensive raw materials (carbon and Kevlar) by vacuum molding. All this together makes it possible to obtain high-quality light and very strong elements, which are ideally installed in the places of the regular fixtures.

Also, TOPCAR offers power enhancement programs through the tuning of the engine control unit, the installation of new filters, manifolds and the exhaust system. Improved handling and significantly reduce the weight of the car will help ultra-light forged wheels ADV.1 Wheels. And by order of the client, TOPCAR specialists can offer an individual design project for the interior of the car.

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